Professional Responsibility for Educators and the California Code of Ethics

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Deborah Stine, Ph.D., and David Stine, Ph.D., both of California State University, San Bernardino, and David Blacker, Ph.D., University of Delaware, in association with Omni Publishers, present the California version of Omni's Educator Ethics Series which provides an in depth analysis of professional ethics for educators and preservice educators in the state of California. The Educator Ethics Series is a group of books designed to provide an in depth explanation of the theory and practice behind educational ethics on a state by state basis. Each edition begins with an introduction to the field of ethics, emphasizing applied and professional ethics, before turning to a detailed discussion of ethics specifically for California educators which includes a wide variety of situations in which California educators have engaged in unethical or questionable conduct. The initial concept for the series was developed by Frances R. A. Paterson, J.D., Ed.D., who taught school law, ethics and law (for educators), and related courses at Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA. Both students and instructors find that learning about actual incidents of educator misconduct in their state, makes a vivid and indelible impression.
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